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Customer needs

We aim to easily realize GUI development and smooth operation on various platforms.


Diversification of UI/UX Value-added GUI design schemes, such as large screen, high image quality, multiscreen, multi-functions, and 3D animation, are required.

Short-term development Development that requires many labor-hours, from considering design to testing in-vehicle equipment, must be done in a minimum period of time.

Quality improvement We must achieve both functional safety and quality in terms of GUI software.

Offered services

1. Providing GUI development tools (1) Raw code: Rich GUI development possible with minimum coding (2) Lightweight and compact: Because in-vehicle software is small in size, smooth operation possible with low-end SoC (3) Flexibility: In-vehicle software possible to be equipped regardless of SoC or OS

2. Undertaking GUI development (1) Design consulting: Creating the GUI screen design and screen transitions if the design image is provided (2) Authoring: Performing optimum tuning and actually equipping the vehicle (3) Adjusting the data: Quickly responding to design changes and revisions (4) PoC: Creating a PoC such as for concept models

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