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We aim to outsource the entire process, from manufacturing the vehicle prototype to creating the driving plans, conducting the driving tests, data handling (legal compliance, data centers, and data transmission), and data management (annotation, scene creation, and simulation) on a global basis.


Responding to regional characteristics Route planning/driving based on an understanding of regional characteristics, finding local partners with proven experience, communication in the local language

Complying with local laws and regulations We comply with laws and regulations, such as the Surveying and Mapping Law of China and EU GDPR (data acquisition, data processing, data transfer), and we obtain permission and authorization.

Lack of resources Unable to secure resources to start vehicle production, test driving, and data transmission overseas, while at the same time performing the usual operations

Offered services

1. Performing the entire process from “manufacturing the vehicle prototype” to “creating the driving plans and conducting driving tests,” “data handling,” and “data management” services

2. A global project involving companies in Europe, United States, and China is led by a Japanese company. We will respond in Japan using the Japanese language for communication.

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