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【Case 1】
Responding to automobile development by utilizing unprecedented cutting-edge technology

Customer (OEM or supplier) needs

We aim to quickly carry out development with an ESP that has advanced technology as a medium- to long-term partner aimed at creating new value for products and services.

ESP needs

We possess world-class technology seeds and highly capable personnel, and we aim to acquire business that will lead to corporate growth.


Customers (OEMs or suppliers)

Lack of technology seeds In the midst of the CASE boom, we aim to differentiate ourselves from competitors, but we lack elemental technology in-house. Thus, we aim to carry out development with an ESP that has advanced technology.

Lack of search capability Because there is no information network for finding ESPs, we don’t know how to find them and we don’t have the time resources for such searching.

Lack of management In new technology development, because requests are often not very specific, a misunderstanding can occur in communication with the ESP, resulting in a failure to achieve the expected results.


Lack of understanding concerning vehicle development We have little experience or knowledge concerning the vehicles themselves, vehicle development, processes, and the quality required within the industry.

Lack of sales capability We have few connections with OEMs, tier-1 suppliers, and other customers, and we are unable to approach them. We have a low presence.

【Case 2】
Streamlining processes by outsourcing standard development operations

Customers (OEMs or suppliers) needs

We aim to outsource low-added value operations at the best cost performance and to shift our resources to operations with higher value.

ESP needs

We have strengths in technology, personnel, tools, and equipment, and we aim to receive orders for long-term and large projects in order to stabilize management and expand business.


Customers (OEMs or suppliers)

Lack of resources Too many labor-hours are spent on time-consuming and low-value operations, and priority work is not carried out.

Lack of time resources for requirement analysis We do not have enough time resources for examining the required specifications for ESPs, so even though we want to outsource the work, it is difficult for us to issue an RFI.

Lack of management We have used offshore ESPs, but it was difficult to agree on the details when communicating in English. It is also hard to manage issues not being addressed when using multiple ESPs.


Lack of ability to foresee requirements Because we are unable define the requirements based on an assumption of the customer’s priority requirements, the output quality deteriorates.

Lack of sales capability We have few connections with OEMs, tier-1 suppliers, and other customers, and we are unable to approach them. We have a low presence.

Offered services

1. Consulting service (1) Analyzing the issues: Experts with ample experience in vehicle development will break down and analyze the customer’s rough requirements and awareness of the issues. This leads to creating a roadmap to the solution (2) Searching for well-matched ESPs: SCAE will use the Sumitomo Corporation Group’s information network and the skill information of the ESPs looking for a match so as to propose suitable ESP candidates. (3) Establishing a solutions system: SCAE experts will, on the customer’s behalf, propose and establish solution methods with the ESP at the best rate.

2. Engineering services (1) Engineering: SCAE experts will define the requirements by reading between the lines from the rough requirements indicated by the person in charge at the customer side, and, while integrating multiple ESPs, SCAE experts carry out development and problem-solving (in two languages).

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