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Customer needs

As demand for autonomous driving and connected cars increases, we are aiming to strengthen initiatives for cybersecurity.


Secure coding It is necessary to verify coding rules such as MISRA and CERT, as well as the license information of open-source software (OSS), and to eliminate any vulnerabilities.

Efficient development It is necessary to complete code analysis in a short period of time and to efficiently carry out measures for information regarding software vulnerabilities.

Offered services

1. Provision of security tools (1) Static analysis: Detecting coding rule violations in the source code or binary code and identifying the location of the violation and issuing a report (2) OSS management: Validating the OSS license and vulnerabilities and creating software BOM (SBOM) (3) Fuzz testing: Connecting the fuzzer computer with a physical line such as the target CAN or ethernet, automatically running the pre-installed test case, and validating the vulnerability

2. Materials application consulting (1) Incorporating DevOps: Supporting the integration of the DevOps tool to CI/CD (2) Risk analysis: Performing threat modeling and securing design reviews, along with analyzing risks and threats (3) Test services: Undertaking implementation and analysis of the above tool and reducing the customer’s workload

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