We approach customer issues via the following four steps.

STEP 01 Listening
to customers

Our experts in the relevant field will listen & learn regarding your questions and issues.

STEP 02 Identifying and
clarifying issues

We accurately identify complex issues that cannot be solved by a single company, and we gain agreement of the problematic points.

STEP 03 Proposing solutions and partnered approaches tailored to the customer's issues

We employ a global perspective to propose: the optimal plan to solve problems, with specific implementation plans, and necessary resources, as well as to set project goals.

STEP 04 Implementing
the solution

We do not just make proposals—we work as your engineering partner throughout the process to implementation.


Many of our strengths and features are attributable to the enormous amount of incoming information that can be gained via the global network of a trading company. Our experts rich experience in automotive/parts development is key to analyze data and use this information for development.

You can consider us a collaborative partner in the automotive industry working with you to solve problems.

One strength of SC Automotive Engineering is its thorough knowledge of automotive development, distribution, and mobility. We have a large number of experts within the company and the group itselfthat have expertise in the technologies that are currently being sought after.
We also make cutting-edge proposals and implement projects. We do so by understanding customer issues, making optimal ESP proposals, supporting technical strategies, introducing new development processes, and proposing high-value-added solutions that combine product hardware modules and software development.

*ESP: Engineering Services Provider

Various solutions and features

End to End Service

We will first accurately understand the customer's request.
Then, we will break down and organize their issues to provide thorough support until the project completion, with the cooperation of experts in each respective area.

One Stop Service

A number of our experts with extensive knowledge of the automotive industry and business interfaces will take care of the customer's various requests, leading them toward a solution to their problems.

Global Service

We also provide services outside of Japan. Bilingual experts and local staff who know about the local situation on the ground will help you with overseas projects.

Integration Service

We will make full use of our customers' strengths while selecting the best partner that is technically savvy for the areas that need to be analyzed.


If you are interested in any of the keyword items, please contact us.
We have experience providing support in each field.

Service 01


  • Global FOT
  • Establishment of medium- to long-term partnerships in software development
  • New technology PoC
  • Development of new systems
Service 02


  • Development of EV commuters
  • EV development simulations and building a test results database
  • Engineering and development of mass production for electric motor systems
  • Provision of power electronic circuit simulation tools & services
Service 03


  • Provision of security tools & services
  • OTA
Service 04


  • Vehicle/component benchmarking
  • New T/M tolerance tests
  • Designing and prototyping new engines
  • Engine CAE
  • New materials consulting
  • Provision of GUI design and drawing tools & services



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