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Customer needs

We aim to link the characteristics of our newly developed materials with vehicle features and to sell this to OEM and tier-1 suppliers.


We don’t know how to approach clients. We don’t know the merits of the materials for vehicles.

We don’t know the material selection process. We don’ know the timing or criteria used by OEMs or tier-1 suppliers when selecting materials.

We don’t know how to use recycled materials. We don’t know how to utilize recycled materials.

Offered services

1. Sharing the development process Experts that have development experience at an OEM will explain the actual selection process used by OEM and tier-1 suppliers. We aim to match the material development schedule and to share the overall schedule.

2. Material application consulting Experts that have ample development experience will select potential target vehicle components based on the material characteristics. The experts will work together to prepare presentation materials for sales activities.

3. Utilizing recycled materials We will liaise between the recycled material manufacturer, the material manufacturer, and the OEM and will hold technical discussions.

4. Introducing potential customers Utilizing the network of Sumitomo Corporation and SCAE, we will investigate and introduce potential customers in terms of materials.

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