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Customer needs

We want to identify and use promising start-up companies in order to survive this once-in-100-years transformation in the automotive industry.


Concerns about working with overseas companies We don’t have multilingual personnel that are able to communicate with start-up companies in the United States, China, Israel, etc.

Lack of development resources We are forced to work on mass production projects and don’t have enough resources within the company for validating cutting-edge technologies.

Lack of technical capability We aim to analyze the capability of start-up companies and to perform PoC, but we don’t know how to conduct research and evaluation without expert knowledge.

Offered services

1. Information analysis Experts with ample experience in developing onboard vehicle systems will translate and organize the characteristics and technical advantages of the start-up companies in question and will identify and suggest the key points in the investigation that need to be analyzed in detail.

2. Technology analysis Technology analysis: Based on the key points, bilingual experts will set up an interview to obtain additional information and will prepare an analysis report of technical strengths. The customer will be able to determine whether it is worthwhile to perform a PoC.

3. PoC SCAE experts will work with an ESP possessing abundant evaluation experience so as to prepare a plan for performing a PoC and will evaluate the test, perform a simulation, and summarize the results.

4. Value analysis Experts and specialists with thorough knowledge of technology will analyze the PoC data and advise whether it is worthwhile to progress to the research & development phase.

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